[Tutor] Error 22

Danny Yoo dyoo at hashcollision.org
Wed Jan 7 22:32:17 CET 2015

>>> How I fix this error? when I open my python project (.py) it closes
>>> immediately.
>> Since the op sent from Windows, I'm guessing he isn't opening up a cmd
>> window then running his program.  But I'm not a windows guy lately.
>> Perhaps someone can tell him how to invoke the program?

I think we simply need more information.  "Error 22" on Windows is,
according to web searches, associated with some kind of device driver
failure.  (What?!)

So I am very confused.  Without knowing anything else about the
program, I'm at a loss and my first instinct is to think that this has
nothing to do with Python.  I think we don't have enough information,
so let's hear back from the original questioner.

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