[Tutor] File Compare

Crusier crusier at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 06:32:23 CET 2015


I am comparing two files, and the program has problem comparing two
files. I am currently using Python 3.3 and Window 7.

Attached is my code:

import difflib

old_file = open('0105-up.txt','r')
file_contentsA = old_file.read()
A = file_contentsA.split(",")

new_file = open('0106-up.txt','r')
file_contentsB = new_file.read()
B = file_contentsB.split(",")

print('\n'.join(difflib.unified_diff(A, B)))


When the result comes out, I have noticed that some of the numbers are
in both files and the program fails to the difference. Please help.

Thank you
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