[Tutor] File Compare

Dave Angel davea at davea.name
Fri Jan 9 07:42:32 CET 2015

On 01/09/2015 01:24 AM, Crusier wrote:
> Hi Danny,
> Thanks for your suggestion.
> The ideal of output of this program is to show if there is any new
> number added to the new file.
> In other words,  the file content of file1 [0001.hk, 0002.hk, 0003.hk,
> 0004.hk] is comparing with the file content of file2 [0001.hk,
> 0002.hk, 0003.hk, 0005.hk].

But your files don't have commas in them.  Either make sure there's a 
comma after each item, or change the delimiter you use to split with.  I 
suspect you'd be happier with the latter, since there are also newlines 
in the file, so it'd be more work to get what you want with comma 

> The result should be +0005.hk, -0004.hk

That's not what unified_diff is documented to do.  It produces each diff 
item with context around it.  The default number of lines of context is 
3, so you might try changing that with the keyword argument n= to 

See also my earlier message showing you the first two problems with your 


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