[Tutor] Improving My Simple Game Code for Speed, Memory and Learning

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 12 23:00:00 CET 2015

On 12/01/15 20:28, WolfRage wrote:

> anyone has any improvements or things to think about, I would love to
> hear it.

Sorry, no time to read the detail, but one thing I thought might be 
handy is to convert the draw method to return a string and make it the 
__str__methodf of the grid.
Then the draw method becomes print(self)

And you can also just use print(aGrid) etc.

Something like (untested):

def __str__(self):
     output = []
     for row in self.transposed_grid:
         s='| '
         for node in row:
             s += (str(node) + ' | ')
     return '\n'.join(output)

def draw(self): print (self)

Just a thought.

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