[Tutor] How to edit value of second column row i-th array in numpy?

Whees Northbee ch.de2.2309 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 12:41:12 CET 2015

If I have array a=[[60,70,1],[43,54,2],[87,67,3],[90,89,4],[12,4,5]] where
[x,y,id] and I want to find if x=87 and y=67, and find which row is it,and
I need to edit the id column with new value..

I can search in first column using:
if (x in a[:,0]):

how I can know index row so I can match if y same value with second column?
And I search in numpy array document there is no function about edit, so
how I can edit the value the third column/id column if I know which row?

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