[Tutor] PyDeadObjectError: MainFrame deleted

Paul LaBerge paul at labergedaylight.com
Thu Jan 15 19:42:35 CET 2015

Steven, Danny, and Ben,

Thanks for the help identifying the source of the crash and how to read the traceback, exception, paths, and search for errors. Very helpful since I’m quite new to Python programming. I'll send details to opendaq, and ask on the wxpython forum to see if they know what causes this. 

The GUI is open source from the opendaq folks, available on PYPI, and as surmised is tied to their commercial data acquisition hardware. They’re good about responding, so expect they’ll fix it. 

> I don't know whether this indicates corruption in the library which 
> will be fixed by reinstalling, a bug in the library, or just a bug in 
> your own code.

I tried reinstalling wxpython but the error persisted. Thanks for places to look. 

> (Also, because I happen to know that the wxPython GUI is written in C++ 
> so any C++ errors are from it, not the Python interpreter.)

Have you worked on easy_daq or did you download the GUI ?



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