[Tutor] Does the Python way of doing things have a definite preference for the structure and content of program file header comments?

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On 23/01/15 06:10, boB Stepp wrote:

>> As far as version control, I consider it *absolutely essential* for
>> anyone who is serious about programming professionalism.
> stated direction, but finding time to become proficient in such a tool
> in the midst of all the other things I am trying to absorb is
> difficult.

If you are on Linux there are many freely available VCS.
Many of these are quite powerful but for most users, most of the
time you only ues two commands - check-in and check-out. Once
you know those its very easy. eg In RCS those were just 'ci'
and 'co' respectively.

If you use a 'professional' grade editor such as Eclipse, emacs, vim etc 
they have version control built in and once configured with the actual 
tool you use its just a menu operation.

Once happy with a simple VCS style of working you can expand into bigger 
release management tools. Here you will find a few 'big guns'
in the open source world but also many commercial offerings, some 
costing 10,000 dollars or more! (eg Clearcase, Aide de Camp,
Continuus etc)

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