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Fri Jan 23 11:26:07 CET 2015

This is the all code: http://pastebin.com/nYGEiXY4
I don't know well which i meas . I suppose it is the name  of the class (self.
__name__).  So  the  name  it is present.
it is correct?
thanks for the patience!

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>> Thanks for the help and patience!
>> It is a function on the class so I suppose for read that function  list I
>> need self.steps Where I'm wrong?
>> @property
>>         def steps(self):
>>                 return [
>>                         self.trimmomatic,
>>                         self.merge_trimmomatic_stats,
>>                         self.star,
>>                         self.picard_sort_sam,
>>                         self.rnaseqc,
>>                         self.wiggle,
>>                         self.cufflinks,
>>                         self.gq_seq_utils_exploratory_analysis_rnaseq
>>                 ]
>Do each of these elements in this list support the operations you're
>performing on any single step?
>That is, the code that you have here:
>    def show(self):
>        ftp="\n".join([str(idx + 1) + "- " + step.__name__  for idx,
>step in enumerate(self.steps)])
>seems to assume that every step must have a '__name__' property.
>But do all of the steps that you've put in there support '__name__'?

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