[Tutor] Initiating an external email transmission

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 23 21:33:40 CET 2015

On 23/01/15 03:09, dw wrote:
> I have a python script that I've created.

> The issue is, I made it for someone else to use in his PC.
> And its not working for him.

The first thing to do when creating a program for use on another 
computer is to make everything that could be machine specific 
configurable. Either put it in a config file or use environment 
variables. That includes all IP addresses, port numbers and

I don't know for sure that it's the problem here, but you have
a lot of hard coded values in there. They may be the right
values on your PC but there's no reason to think your client's
will be the same.

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