[Tutor] function argument unpacking

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 04:11:22 EST 2016

On 08/12/16 06:04, Palanikumar wrote:
> #Function Argument unpacking
> def myfunc(x, y, z):
>      print(x. v. z)

Please always send the actual code that generates
the error, do not retype as it causes us to chase
phantom bugs. In this case the fact that the v
in the print statement should be a y and that
you are using periods as separators instead
of commas...

> File "func.py", line 8
>      tuple_vec = {1, 0, 1)
>                          ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Change the opening brace { to a parenthesis (

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