[Tutor] 1 to 49 numbered grid

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Thu Dec 8 10:39:04 EST 2016

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On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 9:21 AM, M Ali <MAli6 at dixonsaa.com> wrote:
> Hi Bob
> Thank you ever so much in getting in touch. I have been given an exemplar
work of what I am suppose do by examination board, but it’s in VB and I am
using Python 3.3.4 version. I do not know where to start from as I have
never created a program like this before. I am trying to create something
like this in Python and was wondering would it be possible.
< Here the OP had inserted an image of a GUI version of the game with 49
numbered buttons in a 7x7 display along with other buttons to perform game
> My students need to create something like the above, but I am not sure
where to start from and any help or start will be much appreciated.

If you are used to VB and you have not coded in Python before then you will
have some catch up to do!  Python can do GUIs, but the standard library
does not come with drag-and-drop GUI building capabilities.  tkinter is the
GUI library that comes with Python.  There are third party libraries out
there that lots of people use as well.  But if you use tkinter, then you
will have to code the GUI elements by hand.  https://docs.python.org/3.3/
are the Python docs for version 3.3 (More specifically 3.3.6).  There is a
tutorial on the language there as well as a standard library reference that
has the docs on tkinter.  So your project is quite doable once you learn
what you need to learn!  If you are comfortable programming in VB, then I
would think that the Python tutorial can get you quickly up to speed on
using Python.  But if you have never hand-coded GUIs before, you may
struggle with tkinter, but the good news is there is a lot of tkinter
documentation out on the Web.


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