[Tutor] Manipulating Dictionary values

Sunil Tech sunil.techspk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 03:03:37 EST 2016

Hi Team,

Dictionary is like

a = {'a': 'New', 'b': 'Two', 'l': [{'k': 'test', 'm': 'again'}, {'k':
'test', 'm': 'again'}]}

I am trying to modify a value in the dictionary value at a['l'] & at 'm'
expecting it to be

a = {'a': 'New', 'b': 'Two', 'l': [{'k': 'test', 'm': 'replaced'}, {'k':
'test', 'm': 'replaced'}]}

for which I tried to do using list comprehension

>>> a['l'] = [i['m'].replace('again', 'replaced') for i in a['l']]
>>> a
{'a': 'New', 'b': 'Two', 'l': ['replaced', 'replaced']}

Any help will be appreciated.

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