[Tutor] Help with error

Chelsea G cegarcia0323 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 10:37:48 EST 2016

When I run my code I am getting an error it says "Attribute Error:
Dictionary instance has no attribute 'search'. So the whole idea for my
code is to input a csv file and output results that we want. This specific
piece of code def search is to search the csv file for any keyword like
'issues' and output those results into a text file. I just need some help
with figuring out how to fix the error I am receiving.
This is my functions:

import csvimport jsonimport sysfrom collections import defaultdictfrom
collections import Counter
data = defaultdict(list)

upper_limit = 5
lower_limit = 4
class dictionary():
    def __init__(self):
        self.dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.counted_dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.grouped_dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.other_dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.final_dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.total_dict = defaultdict(list)
        self.search_dict = defaultdict(list)

    def populate_dict(self, filename):
        with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
            reader = csv.reader(f)
            next(reader, None)
            for row in reader:

    def all_counts(self):
        data_count = Counter()
        for key in self.dict.keys():
            self.counted_dict.update({key: Counter(self.dict[key])})

    def total_counts(self):
        for key in self.dict.keys():
            total = 0
            b = Counter(self.dict[key])
            for value in b:
                total += b[value]
                new_list = str(total)
                #self.total_dict.update({key: 'Total count for this
application: ' + str(total)})
                #self.total_dict.update({key: str(total)})

    def grouped_counts(self):
        for key in self.dict.keys():
            total = 0
            c = Counter(self.dict[key])
            for value in c:
                if c[value] >= upper_limit:
                    new_list = value, str(c[value])
                elif c[value] <= lower_limit:
                    total += c[value]
                    self.other_dict.update({key: 'other: ' + str(total)})

        for d in (self.grouped_dict, self.other_dict, self.total_dict):
            for key, value in d.iteritems():

    def json_output(self):
        with open('test.txt', 'w') as text_file:
            json.dump(self.final_dict, text_file, sort_keys = True, indent = 4)
	def search(self, filename):
		with open(filename, 'r') as searchfile, open('weekly_test.txt', 'w')
as search_results_file:
			for line in searchfile:
				if 'PBI 43125' in line:
					print >>search_results_file, line

And then I have another python file where I import my functions and
run the results. Here is the code for that:

import functions2

week_choice = raw_input("Previous Week or Current Week?")if
week_choice == "current week":
	data = functions2.dictionary()
	filename = raw_input("What file do you want to use?")
	elif week_choice == "previous week":
	previous_data = functions2.dictionary()
	filename = raw_input("What file do you want to use?")
	print "That choice is not correct"

It says the error is with data.search(filename).. Not sure how to get
this working.

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