[Tutor] genfromtxt vs. reading csv to a list or dictionary

Ek Esawi esawiek at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 20:36:06 EST 2016

Hi all—

I normally need to convert csv and text files to a Numpy array. I tried to
do the same thing using (1) reader=DictReader(MyFile), (2)
reader=csv.readre(MyFile), or (3) genfromtxt (MyFile ,……).  The first two
is after I open the file. They produce a list of lists, list of tuples or
list of dictionaries which later are converted to an array.

The question is which one is the fastest and/or most efficient most
flexible? The genformtext function is nice b/c you can setup formatting of
various column which I often need to do b/c my files contain both string
and numeric values (integer and float).

Thanks in advance--EKE

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