[Tutor] Hello! Questions

Marco Soldavini magyar1886 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 15:19:47 EST 2016

I am almost new to python and I am trying to build a not so easy app (but
very neat and useful) related to industrial automation.

Is this the right place to knock down problems one by one?
Basically my app has several interactions but the most important is reading
values from an embedded machine (better a PLC) via the OPC protocol.

I already tested this with some values of various kind (real, boolean,
strings). Basically each tag is read with a fixed sample time from a stream
opened in OPC and recorded onto an array in python.

Is it better I explain you the main picture? I am not here for spoon
feeding but just tips and suggestion and maybe solution to particular
problems I might find on the track.

Something about OPC is here: https://opcfoundation.org/about/what-is-opc/

The lib I am using is openopc.

My first question is about data types, data structures in general and how
to organize an efficient loop for recording data.

Basically something like

while (stop condition false)
read data

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