[Tutor] library terminology and importing

street.sweeper at mailworks.org street.sweeper at mailworks.org
Sun Feb 21 09:43:29 EST 2016

Hello all,

I often use now() and strftime() from datetime, but it seems like I
can't import just those functions.  The os module allows me to import
like this:

from os.path import join,expanduser

but I get an error if I try

from datetime.datetime import now, strftime

But if I import all of os and datetime, I can use those functions by
writing the full 'path' 3 levels deep:


Is there a way to import individual functions from datetime.datetime?

Also, is there proper terminology for each of the 3 sections of
os.path.expanduser('~') for example?  Such as

os - library (or module?)
path - ?
expanduser - function


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