[Tutor] Fwd: 10+ Different Python Script?

Crusier crusier at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 08:03:41 EDT 2016

Dear All,

I am currently using:
Python 3.5
Window 7

I have a python script which is used for downloading Real Time Stocks.
Currently, there is over a 1000 stocks in the Portfolio.

If I download the market info during market hours, it would take over
40 minutes to finish downloading all the market info. Since I am
trading stock real time, I am thinking of breaking it down into 100
stocks per group, so I could make the download time shorter. For the
market info, I will put into database and for data analysis.

My Question is as follows:

Please advise if I should put the portfolio and split it into 10
different scripts, so each scripts consists a list of 100+ number of
stocks. Or is there any Pythonic way to approach this problem??

I am currently using Multi Thread but there is an Operational Error....

I am having a hard time to approach OOP. I just can't grasp the
understanding of it as it seems so abstract. Please advise.

Thank you


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