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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 19:16:29 EDT 2016

On 14/07/16 23:19, John Wong wrote:
> ... if you use editors like VIM, a temporary file is always created.

But with vim once you close the file it deletes the temporary copy.
So unless you realize the problem before it gets deleted it won't help.
But since you are using IDLE I don;t think that's even an option.
So far as i know IDLE doesn't create a backup file.

> I made my point because version control system (VCS) is an
> on-demand software. Unless you instruct VCS to keep
> "version controlling" your code, it will only keep the last copy.

It will keep all the versions that you check in. so if you create an
editor macro (assuming you have an editor that does macros
 - IDLE doesn't...) that checks in the file each time you save it
then you can roll back to any intermediate save.

> Furthermore, you'd have to store the VCS repository somewhere
> else. For example, if you are using Git, you may use BitBucket,

That's not strictly true, it depends on the VCS (and even  server
based ones can be used locally if needed). I still use RCS for my
own projects and that's just a local file (or more usually a folder
called RCS...) CVS and SVN can both work with local files if you
want something beefier than RCS.

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