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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
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On 16/07/16 12:31, rahul sijwali wrote:
> i started learning python previous week using "Automate the Boring
> Stuff with Python" i am totally new to programming but had no problem
> completing the first part now i am off second part which actually
> involves "automating stuff"
> now i saw it involves "web scrapping" i want to learn more of it and
> also be able to develop physics based 2-d games and also stuff like
> "face-recognition"
> what i want is learning path in order like what to learn first and up
> to what extent and if you could recommend good resources on it (mostly
> texts)please do

A good foundation in general programming never goes amiss.
It sounds like you have found a resource that works for you
so stick with it. If you have specific questions or things
you want more detail about feel free to ask here.

As to 2D games you can try PyGame.

Things like face recognition are highly complex and specialised
techniques, but there are some libraries around that do the
hard stuff for you so provided you want to play with face
recognition rather than develop your own recognition algorithms
from scratch you should e fine. But these libraries will
assume you are already competent in general programming.

So in summary, continue with your book. Ask for extra
information here. Consider a general purpose tutorial
too (there are lots listed on the Python web sitre, including
mine(see below).

Then try pyGame - there are tutorials and a support forum.

Finally for the 2D/physics stuff there are other libraries
you can try like pymunk and cgkit. In fact there's a dedicated
page on the wiki:



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