[Tutor] Beautiful Soup

Crusier crusier at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:02:26 EDT 2016

I am using Python 3 on Windows 7.

However, I am unable to download some of the data listed in the web
site as follows:

453.IMC               98.28M           18.44M          4.32        5.33
1499.Optiver         70.91M            13.29M          3.12        5.34
7387.花旗环球       52.72M            9.84M            2.32        5.36

When I use Google Chrome and use 'View Page Source', the data does not
show up at all. However, when I use 'Inspect', I can able to read the


<th>1499.Optiver </th>
<td> 70.91M</td>
<td>13.29M </td>

Please kindly explain to me if the data is hide in CSS Style sheet or
is there any way to retrieve the data listed.

Thank you


from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import urllib
import requests

stock_code = ('00939', '0001')

def web_scraper(stock_code):

    broker_url = 'http://data.tsci.com.cn/stock/'
    end_url = '/STK_Broker.htm'

    for code in stock_code:

        new_url  = broker_url + code + end_url
        response = requests.get(new_url)
        html = response.content
        soup = BeautifulSoup(html, "html.parser")
        Buylist = soup.find_all('div', id ="BuyingSeats")
        Selllist = soup.find_all('div', id ="SellSeats")



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