[Tutor] Python Programming for the absolute beginner 3e Ch3 Challenge 1

kanishk srivastava programbellworking at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 21:39:58 EDT 2016


I am working through Michael Dawson's book - Python Programming for
absolute beginners 3e.

Completed chapter 3, but unable to solve challenge 1.

Below code is what I have written but unsure on how to have the program
generate the message at random. Any help will be appreciated.

# Fortune Cookie
# Demonstrates random message generation

print("\t\tFortune Cookie")
print("\t\tWelcome user!")

# fortune messages
message1 = "the earth is a school learn in it."
message2 = "be calm when confronting an emergency crisis."
message3 = "you never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems."
message4 = "hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips."
message5 = "Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can."

import random

print("Your today's fortune  ")

input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit")


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