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Justin Korn jkornonthecob at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 30 00:31:03 EDT 2016

To whom it may concern, I need someone to help me to develop programs for the following assignments:

1. Define a new kind of Turtle, TurtleGTX, that comes with some extra features: it can jump forward a given distance, and it has an odometer that keeps track of how far the turtle has travelled since it came off the production line. (The parent class has a number of synonyms like fd, forward, back, backward, and bk: for this exercise, just focus on putting this functionality into the forward method.) Think carefully about how to count the distance if the turtle is asked to move forward by a negative amount. (We would not want to buy a second-hand turtle whose odometer reading was faked because its previous owner drove it backwards around the block too often. Try this in a car near you, and see if the car’s odometer counts up or down when you reverse.)

2. You are to develop a program (name it trivia_game.py) that will play a trivia game with two players.  The game will be played this way:
Starting with player 1, each player gets a turn at answering 5 trivia questions.  When a question is displayed, 4 possible answers are also displayed (1 of the 4 is the correct answer).  A correct answer earns the player 1 point.
After both players have answered their 5 questions the program will display the number of points earned by each player and declare the player with the most points the winner (or a tie if both players have earned the same number of points).
You must write a class (name it Question.py) to hold the data for a trivia question.  The class should have the following attributes:

A trivia question
Possible answer 1
Possible answer 2
Possible answer 3
Possible answer 4
The number of the correct answer (1, 2, 3, or 4)
The Question class should have an appropriate __init__ method, accessors and mutators.

Your program should have a list or dictionary containing 10 Question objects, one for each trivia question. You are to make up your own trivia questions. 

Submit both files (zip the two files if possible).

Our final exam is a real world problem about efficiency in a warehouse.  
XYZ Corporation sells products online.  The company has a large warehouse in which it stores its inventory of products.  Orders are picked, packed and shipped from the warehouse.

XYZ Corporation has contracted with you to write a program that will minimize the number of steps that the staff in the warehouse (called ODA's) take in picking the products ordered by customers.

The information you will need to complete this assignment are in the following files:

Specifications: CTIM285_Summer_2016_FinalExam.pdf
Warehouse Map: WarehouseImage.pdf
Data for Analysis:  warehouse_data_final_exam_Python.txt
Data for Analysis is saved in this order on each line of the file:
[orderNumber, partNumber, quantyNumber, aisleNumber, shelfNumber, binNumber]


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