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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 30 04:07:57 EDT 2016

On 30/07/16 05:31, Justin Korn via Tutor wrote:
> ...I need someone to help me to develop programs for the following assignments:

That's not really how tutor list works.
We will answer your questions and give you hints when
you get stuck. But it is the whole list membership helping
you, not a designated "someone".

As to your projects here's what I'd recommend.

1) Tackle them one by one, it keeps the email threads
   separate and the archives easier to search.

2) Make a start, write some code. When you get stuck or
   something doesn't work as expected, ask here.

3) Always remind us of which OS and Python version you
   are using

4) If there are error messages send the whole error
   text not a summary.

> 1. Define a new kind of Turtle, ...

This one slightly confused me since the standard turtle
can already jump forward a given distance. The only new
feature appears to be the odometer concept?

> 2. You are to develop a program (name it trivia_game.py) that 
> will play a trivia game with two players.
> You must write a class (name it Question.py) to hold the data

This seems straightforward but a tad tedious creating the
data. It would have been nice if they provided a data file!

> Our final exam is a real world problem about efficiency in a warehouse.  

Slightly more challenging but nothing too difficult
provided you can do the math and the document provided
is sufficiently clear.

Based on the questions I assume you have a reasonably good understanding
of Python basics including the data structures, functions, classes and
objects, files, and how to import
and use modules?

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