[Tutor] Problem with 'IF' condition

a.ajmera at incycleautomation.com a.ajmera at incycleautomation.com
Fri Dec 1 09:02:47 EST 2017

I am trying to compare two different values using "IF" condition in my program.
Everything is working fine except this. I copied my program as plain text below, in the last section I used "IF" condition.
- If you see in my code, I'm writing to "test1.txt" and saving that value in "nao" as well.
On the other side, I'm reading from "test3.txt" and saving that value in "abb" just like above.
Now, my goal is to compare these two variables nao & abb. As it written below.
However, result never gives me "true" when actually this both variable contain same values.
This code always giving me "not same" result.
I'm not sure why this is not working. 
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Please let me know for any question.
x = "C:/FTP_Folder/test1.txt"
f = open(x)
r = f.read(500)
tts.say("Current position number in the text file is")
 f1 = open(x,'w')
z = f1.write("1")
tts.say("writing to file")
tts.say("A.B.B. robot; go to my directed position")
f = open(x)
r0 = f.read(500)
nao = r0
 import time
time.sleep(5) # delays for 5 seconds
 ##f1 = open(x,'w')
 y = "C:/FTP_Folder/test3.txt"
f2 = open(y)
r1 = f2.read(500)
abb = r1
if nao == abb:
 print("Positions are same")
 print r, r1
 print("not same")
 print nao, abb
Best Regards,
Achyut Ajmera

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