[Tutor] How to debug a memory leak in a wsgi application?

James Chapman james at uplinkzero.com
Wed Dec 13 12:27:16 EST 2017

Why pymalloc? I presume this means you're using ctypes which means I have
more questions.

If you're allocating your own blocks of memory then you need to free them
too. IE, does each call to pymalloc have a corresponding call to pyfree?

Is the overhead of pythons built in malloc really a problem?

Are you changing pointers before you've freed the corresponding block of

There are many ways to create a memory leak, all of them eliminated by
letting python handle your memory allocations.

But, back to your original question, check out "valgrind".



On 6 December 2017 at 16:23, Etienne Robillard <tkadm30 at yandex.com> wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for the reply. I use Debian 9 with 2G of RAM and precompiled Python
> 2.7 with pymalloc. I don't know if debugging was enabled for this build and
> whether I should enable it to allow memory profiling with guppy... My
> problem is that guppy won't show the heap stats for the uWSGI master
> process. However I have partially resolved this issue by enabling
> --reload-on-rss 200 for the uwsgi process.  Previously, the htop utility
> indicated a 42.7% rss memory usage for 2 uWSGI processes. I have restarted
> the worker processes with SIGINT signal. Now my uwsgi command line looks
> like:
> % uwsgi --reload-on-rss 200 --gevent 100 --socket localhost:8000
> --with-file /path/to/file.uwsgi --threads 2 --processes 4 --master
> --daemonize /var/log/uwsgi.log
> My framework is Django with django-hotsauce 0.8.2 and werkzeug. The web
> server is nginx using uWSGI with the gevent pooling handler.
> Etienne
> Le 2017-12-06 à 10:00, Alan Gauld via Tutor a écrit :
>> On 06/12/17 09:21, Etienne Robillard wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I think my wsgi application is leaking and I would like to debug it.
>>> What is the best way to profile memory usage in a running wsgi app?
>> This is probably a bit advanced for the tutor list, you might
>> get a better response on the main Python list.
>> But to get a sensible answer you need to provide more data:
>> What OS and Python version?
>> What toolset/framework are you using?
>> What measurements lead you to suspect a memory leak?
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