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On 14/12/17 20:30, Matthew Ngaha wrote:
> direction on where I can learn about the principles of system design.
> Also why isn't this taught in beginner tutorials, or is it an advanced
> concept?

It's advanced compared to programming, but there are lots of
books on the subject, especially OO design. If your local library
has an ordering scheme I'd recommend starting with
Coad & Youdon's two books - OOA and OOD.

Although his notation has been superseded by UML (another
area you could usefully research online) the principles of design
(especially in the yellow design book) are still valid. The books
are short and fairly non-technical, so quite easy to read. (But
very expensive so I don't recommend buying them new! But
I've just noticed they are very cheap 2nd hand on Amazon...)

Other good design books include Grady Booch's OOD book
(ideally the first edition) where again the notation is now
irrelevant but the principles are sound. And for a slightly
more modern twist look for Design Patterns by Gamma et al.

There are also books on architecture although they are often
domain specific, so you can find stuff on network architecture,
data architectures, web architectures and service oriented
architectures, as examples. Wikipedia is probably a good
place to start on that topic.

> refresher on the os module and I recalled you covered it extensively,
> but sadly I found it's no longer on your site.
The v2 material is still there but I haven't got round to porting it
to v3. (It is covered in my paper book "Python Projects" which is
effectively that whole section of my tutor in dead tree format)
I'm about to do a full revision of the tutor which should include
writing the missing topics in that section.


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