[Tutor] When do you know you're ready to start applying for jobs?

Alex Kleider akleider at sonic.net
Thu Dec 14 21:16:43 EST 2017

On 2017-12-14 16:21, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
> On 14/12/17 20:30, Matthew Ngaha wrote:
>> direction on where I can learn about the principles of system design.
>> Also why isn't this taught in beginner tutorials, or is it an advanced
>> concept?
> It's advanced compared to programming, but there are lots of
> books on the subject, especially OO design. If your local library
> has an ordering scheme I'd recommend starting with
> Coad & Youdon's two books - OOA and OOD.
> Although his notation has been superseded by UML (another
> area you could usefully research online) the principles of design
> (especially in the yellow design book) are still valid. The books
> are short and fairly non-technical, so quite easy to read. (But
> very expensive so I don't recommend buying them new! But
> I've just noticed they are very cheap 2nd hand on Amazon...)

$4.99 and $6.89 to be exact (amazon prime in the US)


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