[Tutor] installation of Python 2.7 an 3.6, feedback

marcus lütolf marcus.luetolf at bluewin.ch
Sun Dec 24 10:36:46 EST 2017

dear experts,

while working through Alan C. Gould‘s excellent update on‘ Learning to
Program‘  I copied

the file echoinput.py from the  ‚Conversing with the user‘  section:  


import sys

inp = sys.stdin.readline()

while inp.strip != '':


    inp = sys.stdin.readline()



in my IDLE 3.6 location and another copied a second file in one of my
personal folders in my PC (W 10).

If I open echoinput.py in IDLE 3.6 I get the script as written.

If I open and edit it in my personal folder it opens in a Python 2.7  window
although, I

deleted Python 2.7  previously.


Further on, if I add a print statement to echoinput.py it gets printed
regardless of

parenteses or none in the echoinput.py file in my personal folder.


What causes this odd behavior ?


Finally a may be too late comment on the update of ‘Learning to Program :

Personally I would appreciate a definition of an instance 

and in referring to Windows XP Home in the ‚Coding Style‘ section (Note for
Windows users)

I thought W XP has expired.


Marcus Luetolf


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