[Tutor] installation of Python 2.7 an 3.6, feedback

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 24 17:34:08 EST 2017

On 24/12/17 15:36, marcus lütolf wrote:

> while working through Alan C. Gould‘s excellent update on‘ Learning to
> Program‘  I copied

OK, First I need to point out that the tutorial content has not changed, 
it is still the old c2010-12 material. The update is to the structure 
and cosmetics to make it more mobile friendly.

I'm hoping to launch the new site in January and then start a topic by 
topic update to v3.7 spec.

> import sys
> inp = sys.stdin.readline()
> while inp.strip != '':

notice that should be strip()... with parens.

>      print(inp)
>      inp = sys.stdin.readline()

> in my IDLE 3.6 location and another copied a second file in one of my
> personal folders in my PC (W 10).
> If I open echoinput.py in IDLE 3.6 I get the script as written.
> If I open and edit it in my personal folder it opens in a Python 2.7  window
> although, I deleted Python 2.7  previously.

Presumably you have a second copy. some PC vendors
use Python in their admin tools so it may have
been installed when you got the PC. Maybe.

> Further on, if I add a print statement to echoinput.py it gets printed
> regardless of parenteses or none in the echoinput.py file in my personal folder.

Certainly sounds like you are running v2.X

> Finally a may be too late comment on the update of ‘Learning to Program :
> Personally I would appreciate a definition of an instance

Hmm, I thought I did, maybe in the Raw Materials topic,
or maybe in the OOP topic.

On the other hand instance is a standard English word used
in its normal meaning (ie not with a Computer specific meaning)
so maybe I didn't.

Hmm, there is a very terse explanation in the OOP topic
but I think I was relying on the English definition being

> and in referring to Windows XP Home in the ‚Coding Style‘ section (Note for
> Windows users)
> I thought W XP has expired.

Indeed it has, at least so far as official support goes.
There are still plenty of folks using it. But that is the
kind of stuff that will be updated next year- hopefully
along with the screen shots etc.

Alan G.

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