[Tutor] IDLE

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Sat Dec 30 13:13:46 EST 2017

On Sat, Dec 30, 2017, at 04:07, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
> On 29/12/17 22:21, nelson jon kane wrote:
> > ..., he had his own personal name "put in" to his Python,
> I have no idea what you mean by that.
> Python is an interpreter that executes your code.
> It doesn't have a "User Name" in it.
> In interactive mode it displays a prompt which
> is usually >>> although you could change that
> if you really wanted to. But it doesn't say
> "User Name" anywhere.
> I therefore assume you are talking about some
> kind of development tool rather than Python itself.

I skimmed through the first couple videos, the only place I saw the creator's name was that his home directory was "C:\Users\(name)", which showed up in the filenames in the title bar and the windows command prompt. But that has nothing to do with Python really, it's just how his Windows is set up.

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