[Tutor] Using venv

Jim jf_byrnes at comcast.net
Fri Jan 27 16:47:27 EST 2017

It has been suggested to me that I should use a virtual environment and 
venv would be a good choice. I've read through PEP405 and this link [1].
Though some of it seems a little confusing to me, I'm sure I can get it 
up and running. This question seems a little dumb and maybe I am being a 
little dense, but then what?

Your program/script is done how do you run it? Do you always have to 
activate your venv and run it from there? I like to run Tkinter programs 
from a launcher. Would that be possible and what would the command look 
like? Lately I have been writing some Libreoffice calc macros and 
evaluating pyspread for it's macro capability. Would modules installed 
in my venv be available to the spreadsheet programs?

Thanks,  Jim

[1] https://realpython.com/blog/python/python-virtual-environments-a-primer/

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