[Tutor] call key on_press event multiple times when key is held down

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 4 05:35:36 EDT 2017

On 04/07/17 09:50, Carlton Banks wrote:
> I am trying to record from my microphone while i press down a button,

First question is which OS?
That makes a big difference in this kind of scenario.

> the library I am using is not able to detect on hold event. 

There isn't really any concept of a hold event, you usually
have to detect repeated press events. However I don;t know
the library you are using, I normally just use the standard
library for such things, or build a simple GUI...

> It only detect on press, which happens once, 

That's unusual, usually you get a repeated stream of
press events when you hold a key down. But it does
depend on the OS and environment. Your library may
indeed just be detecting the initial key down and
be waiting for the key up event.

> So does any of you know any libraries that monitor> state of the keyboard,

There are several but it depends on your OS.
In the standard library
Unix variants can use curses.
Windows users have msvcrt.

And there are several 3rd party libraries that try
to do in a platform independent way - I'm guessing
the one you are using is one such.

Another way to tackle it is to switch your code so
it works with a toggle. Set the toggle to on in
the on_press handler. Set it to off in the
on_release handler

Then trigger a timer loop that runs for as long
as the toggle is set. This is probably easiest
done within a GUI.

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