[Tutor] [Python2.7] Convert (2,188,1) into (188,1)

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On 28/06/17 16:48, Allan Tanaka via Tutor wrote:
> Hi. I have array shape like: (2,188,1).

I assume this is a numpy array rather than the standard
library array? If so consider asking on the scipy/numpy
support forum for more specialised help.

> I want to make it like this: (188,1). I try that
> using .reshape(188,1)

Assuming this is a numpy array: If you want a 1D array you can use ravel (faster) or flatten (better name IMHO): https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/reference/generated/numpy.ravel.html
arr.reshape(2*188, 1) may also work.

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