[Tutor] Probably a silly question: how to install lxml?

Mark at information27.com Mark at information27.com
Wed Jul 5 23:52:07 EDT 2017

   Wow.  Thanks for those replies.

   Those red error messages were several Exceptions and one PermissionError.

   I THINK, but I'm not Positive that 3.6.1 is the only Python installed.

   I'm the only person who uses this PC.  ControlPanel > UserAccounts says I
   am the Administrator.

   I searched for some Folder called lxml...  cannot find it.

   Steven,...  I used that --user option, and it was re-installed With No
   Errors !   Very Cool !
   And then the pgm got past that point. Very Nice !  THANKS.

   So,...  WHY was that necessary?


   -- ---- Mark

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