[Tutor] Which DB use with standalone desktop app

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Thu Jul 6 13:32:59 EDT 2017

100 records are not a lot, so sqlite is sufficient. Its database engine 
is included in python and it doesn't need to be run as a stand-alone 
server so that saves you a lot of time for setting things up. If you 
have a lots of tables and data say like more than 10k then you might 
consider switching to a real database server.

On 07/06/2017 04:57 AM, Freedom Peacemaker wrote:
> Hi Tutors,
> I am working on standalone desktop app with tkinter GUI (Python3), and i
> dont know which database should i use. I've tried to find solution on my
> own but google cant help me. There are some with SQL in name (eg. sqlite3,
> MySql), but there are some other NoSql like MongoDB or Redis. Please help
> me which one i should use for my app not only from ones i've mentioned. My
> database will have max 100 records described by 6-8 columns. Most of them
> will be 25 characters max but one will have up to 60.
> Thanks for help,
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