[Tutor] PYTZ Package not working.

Daniel Bosah dbosah at buffalo.edu
Thu Jul 20 13:41:11 EDT 2017

I'm trying to get my function to work:

 def deposit(self,amount):
        if amount > 0:
            self.balance += amount
# appends traction details to list

    def show_transactions(self):
        for date, amount in self.transaction_list:
            if amount > 0:
                tran_type = "deposited"
                tran_type = "withdrawn"
                amount *= -1 # to show negative number
                print "{:6} {} on {} (local time was {})".format(amount,
tran_type, date, date.astimezone())

But it doens't show on the console at all. Theres no error message,
show_transactions just doesn't show up in the console, which is weird. I
think it may be the way I installed my package, but last time I checked,
it's installed in the right place.

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