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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 20:58:43 EDT 2017

On 24/07/17 00:19, Brandon Anderson wrote:

> 2.  I’m trying to locate the directory path to where Python3 is located on my system, but when I enter 
> 	the following command:
> 	$ type -a python3

You could also try

$ which python3

> 	-bash: $: command not found  

The $ is the OS prompt you are not supposed to type it in.

> 3.  How do I determine why I’m getting the ‘error’ command, instead of the directory location of Python3.

The error means that there a mistake in your input.
In this case you included the $ in your input.

Note that this is an OS error and nothing to do
with python itself.

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