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since this all opinions :), I don't think idle is worth bothering with. for editor that can do ide like things, consider atom (free, get a bunch of plugins) or sublime text (not free). for a full ide, pycharm is great (community edition free). for a lightweight ide to get started, i liked thonny when i trialed it at somebody's request, but do look at that wiki page, tons of choices there.

On July 30, 2017 6:09:20 PM MDT, Alan Gauld via Tutor <tutor at python.org> wrote:
>On 30/07/17 23:22, George Sconyers via Tutor wrote:
>> ...looking for a recommended compiler for an Ubuntu environment. 
>In programming precision is everything.
>You are not in fact looking for a compiler, you are
>looking for a development environment or IDE.
>A compiler takes source code and produces executable
>machine code. C-Python does not have such a thing
>(it uses an interpreter to translate the code at runtime)
>although you an get one for the Java based Jython.
>But that's not really what you are asking for...
>> ...using gedit but don't get the benefit of auto-indentation > and
>color coding of key words.
>These are feature of the editor (usually a component of an IDE)
>- and gedit can do the syntax colouring, I'm not sure about the
>auto-indent... But rather than use gedit I suggest you use
>IDLE which is a simple but useful Python IDE built in Python.
>> ...something that facilitates debuggig and stepping through code. 
>IDLE does all of the above.
>You can get it via the Ubuntu software manager or Synaptic or
>Make sure you get the right version for your Python version
>There are many other IDEs for Python, right up to professional tools
>like Eclipse and Netbeans but IDLE is a good starting point. And
>there are lots of YouTube videos to get you started.
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