[Tutor] Recommended Python Compiler

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Jul 31 05:18:28 EDT 2017

Ben Finney schrieb am 31.07.2017 um 04:24:
> You might be looking for a different compiler, maybe one which compiles
> not to Python byte code but instead to CPU machine code. There isn't
> such a thing;

The Python wiki lists several compilers for Python, although with varying
levels of language compliance and/or code compatibility*:


The most widely used static Python compiler is probably still Cython.

(Cython core developer)

PS*: being compliant with the Python language does not necessarily mean it
can successfully run your existing code, as that also requires access to
third-party dependencies etc. Not all tools (aim to) provide that.

PPS: it seems that wiki list needs an update as a) many of the links did
not survive the termination of and migration away from Google Code and b)
some of the projects should now better be marked as abandoned.

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