[Tutor] How to get url call back from the browser

Palanikumar Gopalakrishnan palani at vahaitech.com
Wed Mar 1 06:28:31 EST 2017

*import SimpleHTTPServer
import SocketServer

PORT = 8000

Handler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler

httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer(("", PORT), Handler)

print "serving at port", PORT

I use this code to run simple *http server.* If i enter in browser in
*It will show the contents of current directory. But If i enter url like
this *localhost:8000/sometext* . It will returns 404 error. I want to get
this string in my python code to do somthing based this callback. Please
guide me to solve this issue


*Warm Regards,*

*Palanikumar Gopalakrishnan *[image: ✌]

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