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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
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Statistical analysis of datasets.

I want libraries that contain algorithms to check for relationships
within a dataset. For example, I want to parse through a SES dataset to
see any possible connections between student achievement and
socioeconomic standing, and correlate that to neighborhood wealth.

And I know I should learn R, but I'm also learning Python as my primary
language now, and R isn't really a programming language as Python, Java,
C++, etc., so I'm not placing it as a primary language to learn at the

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> I would like to carry statistical analyses of populations .
> I've been that it's the best package for that sort of thing in Python,
> but I'm new to machine learning,  so I'm not quite sure.

Can you describe what you mean by "machine learning"?
This is one of those current buzzwords that has almost as
many meanings as there are people using it.

If you can give a practical example of the kind of thing you
can see yourself using this stuff for then we can advise on
whether a library might be suitable or not. And if we don't
know (we are focused on the standard library not 3rd party
add-ons)  where you might get a better response.

> Also, I don't want to bother learning R.

That's a separate issue, but R is almost a defacto standard
in the world of statistics so if you are seriously involved there
you probably should make the effort.

Alan G

On 10/03/17 23:12, Daniel Bosah wrote:
> Can someone explain sklearns to me?

Not me, I've never heard of it till now.

> I'm a novice at Python, and I would
> like to use machine learning in my coding.

What do you know about machine learning?
What other platforms support it?

> But aren't there libraries like
> matplotlib I can already use?

Probably, but what do you know about matplotlib?
How does it relate to machine learning?

> Why use sklearns?

Because it does what you want to do.
What do you want to do?
Does sklearns do that?

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