[Tutor] cx_Oracle and Pyinstaller

Madhu Venkat madhur.venkat at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 10:29:26 EDT 2017

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I am connecting to Oracle little differently, not using TNSnames.ORA file.
Here is a line of code to show how I am connecting.

    def connect(self):

            Conn = cx_Oracle.connect (self.dsn)
        except cx_Oracle.DatabaseError as exception:

dsn has all the required connection info.

In this case, I believe I don't need TNSnames.ora file, please confirm.

Though I I have multiple script files (not just one) only one connects to
DB. DB connect script is imported in to other script file, that file is
imported in to another file (for modular programs I had to do this).

In this case, do I place all script files along with the DLLs in
c:\python2.7\ folder before I run the installer?

Should run the installer against the parent script (this is not the DB
connect.py) ?
Thank you,
Madhu Venkat

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