[Tutor] reading files in Python 3

Zachary Ware zachary.ware+pytut at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 16:47:45 EDT 2017

On Mar 30, 2017 15:07, "Rafael Knuth" <rafael.knuth at gmail.com> wrote:

I can read files like this (relative path):

with open("Testfile_B.txt") as file_object:
    contents = file_object.read()

But how do I read files if I want to specify the location (absolute path):

file_path = "C:\Users\Rafael\Testfile.txt"
with open(file_path) as file_object:
    contents = file_object.read()

The above does not work ...

"The above does not work" is not descriptive.  How does it not work? Is
there a traceback? Does the program stop responding? Does the computer
catch fire?

In this case, the problem is the bogus Unicode escape that you
inadvertently included in your path: `\Us...`.  To fix it, either use a
'raw' string (`r"C:\Users\..."`) or use forward slashes rather than
backslashes, which Windows is happy to accept.

(On a phone)

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