[Tutor] All Entry Boxes taking the same value

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Fri Mar 31 06:20:52 EDT 2017

Pooja Bhalode wrote:

> average = [" ", " ", " "]

> for i in range(len(reactants)):
>     Entry(root, textvariable = average[i], width = 15,
>     state=DISABLED).grid(row = 3+i, column = 1, sticky = W)

Hint: What is passed as textvariable? What should be?

Unfortunately the Entry accepts both StringVar instances and names of 
StringVar instances which automagically spring into existence -- and " " is 
a valid name...

Pooja, I have been watching your efforts to write one or more python/tkinter 
scripts mostly via try and error for a while now. It is obvious that it 
doesn't work as there are so many more ways to go wrong than right.

I recommend that you see if you can find a tutorial for both Python and 
Tkinter, and work through that for a few weeks, say. Once you have a general 
understanding of programming your progress will be faster, and you won't 
destroy the result of the previous step with the changes you make in the 

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