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> And the reasons above are only scratching the
> surface, there are many more gains that apply to
> testing in general but are only practical if
> testing is automated.

One thing I meant to add is that "automated" does
not necessarily mean using a framework like
unittest or nose etc.

You can create your own dedicated test harness
and use that. (In fact that's exactly what we
all did for every project before generic test
frameworks were invented around the early 1990s)
For some types of application that can be easier
than trying to force a framework to do your bidding.
It's still automated testing.

But, for most of the time, unittest and its cousins
are a convenient approach that is well understood
and, importantly, supported.

And in python, as a bare minimum, consider doctest.
It is by far the simplest to use, although also the
most limited but it's still a lot better than nothing!

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