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Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Mon May 8 21:01:31 EDT 2017

this is one of those things where if what you want is simple, they're all usable, and easy. if not, some are frankly horrid.

requests is the current hot module. go ahead and try it. (urllib.request is not from requests, it's from urllib)

On May 8, 2017 9:23:15 AM MDT, Rafael Knuth <rafael.knuth at gmail.com> wrote:
>Which package should I use to fetch and open an URL?
>I am using Python 3.5 and there are presently 4 versions:
>Common sense is telling me to use the latest version.
>Not sure if my common sense is fooling me here though ;-)
>Then, there is another package, along with a dozen other
>urllib-related packages (such as aiourllib). I thought this one is
>doing what I need:
>The latter I found on http://docs.python-requests.org along with these
>encouraging words:
>"Warning: Recreational use of the Python standard library for HTTP may
>result in dangerous side-effects, including: security vulnerabilities,
>verbose code, reinventing the wheel, constantly reading documentation,
>depression, headaches, or even death."
>How do I know where to find the right package - on python.org or
>I found some code samples that show how to use urllib.request, now I
>am trying to understand why I should use urllib.request.
>Would it be also doable to do requests using urllib5 or any other
>version? Like 2 or 3? Just trying to understand.
>I am lost here. Feeback appreciated. Thank you!
>BTW, here's some (working) exemplary code I have been using for
>educational purposes:
>import urllib.request
>from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
>theurl = "https://twitter.com/rafaelknuth"
>thepage = urllib.request.urlopen(theurl)
>soup = BeautifulSoup(thepage, "html.parser")
>i = 1
>for tweets in soup.findAll("div",{"class":"content"}):
>    print(i)
>    print(tweets.find("p").text)
>    i = i + 1
>I am assuming there are different solutions for fetching and open URLs?
>Or is the above the only viable solution?
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