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Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Wed May 17 18:00:22 EDT 2017

On 17May2017 12:26, Grace Sanford <gsanford at wesleyan.edu> wrote:
>Theoretically, the following code is suppose to check if the user has won a
>tic tac toe game by checking if there are all "X"s in either the
>horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of a grid (represented by a list
>with "board" with elements 0-8).  If one of these is the case, it is
>suppose to print the "You won" string.  Nevertheless, when I change list
>variable to reflect one of these conditions, there is no printing
>occurring.  I cannot figure out why.
>if board[0:3]==["X", "X", "X"] or board[3:6]==["X", "X", "X"] or
>board[6:9]==["X", "X", "X"] or \
>    [board[0],board[3],board[6]]==["X", "X", "X"] or
>[board[1],board[4],board[7]]==["X", "X", "X"] or
>[board[2],board[5],board[8]] ==["X", "X", "X"] or \
>    [board[0],board[4],board[8]]==["X", "X", "X"] or
>[board[2],board[4],board[6]]==["X", "X", "X"]:

Please post complete code, and the output (I accept that in your case the 
output is empty). For example:

  board = [ "X", "X", "X",
            "", "", "",
            "", "", ""
  if board[0:3]==["X", "X", "X"] or board[3:6]==["X", "X", "X"] or board[6:9]==["X", "X", "X"] or \
     [board[0],board[3],board[6]]==["X", "X", "X"] or [board[1],board[4],board[7]]==["X", "X", "X"] or [board[2],board[5],board[8]] ==["X", "X", "X"] or \
     [board[0],board[4],board[8]]==["X", "X", "X"] or [board[2],board[4],board[6]]==["X", "X", "X"]:

so that proeple can reproduce your problem. For example, it may be that some 
winning positions do work and some don't, and you've tested only a failing 

The example I have above prints "ROW!" for me, and it is just your own code 
with a specific combination.

Cameron Simpson <cs at zip.com.au>

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