[Tutor] Collecting output from Python scripts executed via Cron

Leo Silver leo.silver at soholinux.com.au
Thu May 18 21:48:01 EDT 2017

I have written a several Python scripts to collect data from external
sources (an email account and an sftp site).

In development I run the scripts from IDLE or the command line and can view
the output of various print statements in the scripts which helps me to
monitor progress and confirm correct operation.

However, in production I will be running the scripts via Cron.

Is there a recommended/ elegant way to collect this output on the fly for
later review/ processing.

Previously I have written bash scripts simply redirecting the standard
output to a text file and emailed this back to myself but I would like to
do this directly within Python rather than having to wrap the Python script
in a bash script.

Thanks, Leo.

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