[Tutor] QT5 pyqt5 for python 2.7

adam ghering ghering at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 20:51:16 EST 2017


I am trying to get up to speed on python; expand my skills etc.

I work in a VFX environment where most all the tools continue to run with python 2.7XX

I have seen that pyqt5 supports python 2.7 according to its documentation but it needs to be rebuilt to function.

I have done some homework on the subject and tried to download, tweak and install some things but nothing works.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also I see QT5 mentioned in addition to pyqt5 or like pyqt5 is just a binding of QT5 to python? can someone explain.

ideally i just need the holes filled in as I have searched and searched and there seems to be no clear path to getting this working even though people are using it and have rebuilt it already.

appreciate any help up front


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