[Tutor] QT5 pyqt5 for python 2.7

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 18 04:28:59 EST 2017

On 18/11/17 01:51, adam ghering wrote:

> I have seen that pyqt5 supports python 2.7 according to its documentation  > but it needs to be rebuilt to function.

Thats unusual, usually you can find a binary by somebody.
But provided you have the dev tools building from source shoulkd not be 
too difficult.

> I have done some homework on the subject and tried to download, tweak and install some things but nothing works.

Define "othing works"
Can you download it?
What tweaks? What happened?
What kind of install, how did you do it?
What errors did you get?

We need specifics.

> Also I see QT5 mentioned in addition to pyqt5 or like > pyqt5 is just a binding of QT5 to python? can someone explain.

Thats correct. QT5 is the actual C/C++ UI Library and pyqt5
is a Python binding to that. (Similaar to the forked "side" project
which you might also explore since they might have a binary
ready built)

> ideally i just need the holes filled in as I have searched 
> and searched and there seems to be no clear path

There are side and pyqt support forums, your best
bet for detailed help is to ask there.

Alan G

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